Who We Are

Kezia Kaur, CEO and Founder

Kezia Kaur was born in India, raised in London and moved to Marbella, Spain where she has lived for the past 25 years. She is a single mother who has 2 amazing sons, and is the founder of VELVET RENDEZVOUS.

Realising in her early 20’s that she wanted to help people to look and feel good from the inside out, Kezia has spent over 25 years training in Eastern and Western philosophies and therapies and is now an Inspirational healer, Counsellor and Integrative Psycotherapist, Holistic Therapist, Life Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Raja and Special Needs Yoga Teacher.

Kezia-KaurIn 2010 Kezia’s dream of helping people find their balance and live their “best life” became a reality when she became owner and founder of world-renowned Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat Hotel, the first Asian style health retreat in Europe, located in the hills above Marbella. It was designed as a haven for healing in which people came to take time out to strengthen and rebuild themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

Having been on the dating scene at various times in her life, Kezia has seen it go through many changes. From the ‘swipe left or right’ and endless messages to the awkward ‘Hi’ from matches, scams and long-distance problems, she felt it would be so rewarding and fulfilling to find a better, more elegant and successful way to meet a potential partner, and so the idea for VELVET RENDEZVOUS was birthed.

As a certified relationship coach and counsellor, Kezia offers VELVET RENDEZVOUS members private and fully confidential sessions to help understand patterns of behaviour from past relationships, identify red flags and discover how this affects current dating and relationship life.

Kezia will empower you, raise your self-worth, bring back a positive and exciting feeling on your journey to finding your perfect date and or soulmate!


Our Team

Ashleigh McCartney, VR Social Media Manager

Originally from Ireland, Ashleigh has lived on the coast here for 20 years. She has 2 teenagers, a small menagerie of pets, is vegetarian and a plant based chef. She regularly throws herself into the sea all year round and drags a few others along with her at her Smuggling Raisins Cold Water Swimming Club.

AshleighShe is on the committee for the Charity Darkness into Light and helps support other local charities too.

Ashleigh has a number of businesses including her own Social Media Management company. She also runs numerous Facebook community groups here on the coast. Velvet Rendezvous has an ethos which is close to her heart.

Connecting people is what she loves to do so she knew she couldn’t miss be involved with this fantastic business.




Tracey Leja, VR Ambassador and Sales

Tracey-LejaA successful entrepreneur from the theatrical world to cosmetic manufacturer, International business developer, business mentor, coach, and fashion stylist. Through her career path, she has gained great insight in connecting people together both culturally and in business inspiring confidence to achieve success. When asked to partner Velvet Rendezvous, the idea to help people discover new friends with romantic elegance and possible love she was delighted to accept.


Michele Yanez-Bowker, VR Customer care

Originally from London, she studied as a dancer/actress at Italia Conti and successfully ran her own school in London after her first child was born.
Prior to that she had a successful career in the city as a recruitment consultant. Once in Spain Michele has dedicated her time to her family and has been heavily involved in charity work to include ADANA dog shelter and Age Concern Estepona.
She also runs a walking group, Charity walks by Fun and Fund which regularly raises money for various charities.

Our Partners

We are delighted to be partnering with Vida International… one of the most successful Matchmaking Agencies with clients worldwide!

The Vida Consultancy is a dating and relationships specialist with a difference. Much more than a simple matchmaker, they help their clients – busy, driven professionals with high expectations – achieve sustainable relationship success. They are not simply about connections but about meaningful connections – equipping people to find and form relationships that last and that help them thrive and grow.

They do this thanks to their unique ability to bring together industry-leading psychological expertise with a genuine passion and intuition for relationships and a high-quality network of contacts.

The Vida Consultancy are as hands-on as clients require, whether they want intensive 1:1 consultancy, training in how to achieve relationship success or a connection to one of the thousands of high-quality people within their international network.

The Vida Consultancy are excited to work alongside VELVET RENDEZVOUS to help you find your perfect match!

Their passion is to help others to make the most of every day! Create amazing memories & experiences, bring people together and build awesome connections along the way!

Whether you are alone, with friends or family, you are more than welcome to come along and join the Random Fun Adventures Tribe