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As a Velvet rendezvous social member you will be invited to attend our wonderful and exciting events. We are committed to delivering a diverse program which will include Supper clubs, wellness days, cultural events, and Sunday lunches in top locations, concerts and outdoor adventures for the more adventurous. You will be able to hand pick which events you would like to attend, with the opportunity to invite guests to share the experiences with.
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We will also arrange a convenient time to call you for a completely confidential chat, during which we can answer any questions you may have and give you more details about the VELVET RENDEZVOUS experiences.

If you choose our Velvet Rendezvous Social Events… you will be invited to attend our wonderful and exciting Events… from Mix and Mingle evenings, Sunday Lunches in beach and great Restaurants along the Coast, Hiking in Nature, Wine Tasting evenings, Kezia’s Cooking Classes and so much more!

With VELVET RENDEZVOUS you will be opening yourself up to a world of new possibilities and experiences you might never have thought possible, or even expected!

Dream big, and VELVET RENDEZVOUS will dream even bigger!

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